Dr. Marguerite Lu

Welcome to Dr. Marguerite Lu's dental clinic. An office with a dedicated staff comitted to providing gentle and comfortable care. Each member of our professional team understand that the needs and requirements of each patient is unique, and strives to delivery care that minimize the stress and anxiety that is often associated with dental procedures.

At Dr. Marguerite Lu's dental clinic, we take pride in providing quality care. We offer a wide range of treatments, from simple tooth extractions and dentures to cosmetic veneers, whitenings and orthodontics. With a combined 30 years of care experience, we know how to treat you right.

We accept a wide range of dental care insurance plans, as well as major credit cards and debit cards. Individualized payment plans are available with pre-arrangement and credit approval.

Philosophy of Care

Patient comfort and gentle care are the lynch pins of my dental practice. Care is always provided with the patient’s comfort in mind and care is delivered with a gentle touch. Patient outcome is to preserve teeth and extractions avoided.

I take conservative, careful approach to dental care. I carefully research and observe new technologies and materials before incorporating them into my practice. Using state of the art tools that have been proven safe and effective over the long term, and waiting for the performance of newly introduced procedures to prove out is a hallmark of my practice.

Dental services are delivered in English, Tagalog, Cebuano and Fujian Chinese.


This, you got to know!

We just got an office cat. She goes by the name "Osiris", after that Egyptian god. We wanted to call her "Sheba", but "Os" will only come to you if called by name. If you feel nervous or anxious about your appointment, please ask Helen to let you cuddle with "Os" to help you feel better. More…

Molars and Incisors

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